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Queasy Beads stylish acupressure bracelets WELCOME ~

Are you looking for a natural nausea remedy? Queasy Beads are a natural, drug-free and fashionable nausea relief remedy.

I designed Queasy Beads Stylish Motion Sickness & Nausea Relief Bracelets over 10 years ago as fashionable acupressure bracelets to help calm my own migraine headache nausea.

Queasy Beads work naturally and quickly to help relieve travel sickness nausea, pregnancy morning sickness, migraine headache nausea, motion sickness (carsickness, airsickness, and seasickness), vertigo, radiation therapy nausea and more.
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Specially designed to activate pressure points for natural nausea relief

Queasy Beads ~ A Natural Nausea Remedy

Wearing Queasy Beads acupressure bracelets for nausea relief is a natural nausea remedy that is both safe and effective. Every pair is custom-designed to work the same way, if not better than, acupressure wristbands. Queasy Beads are just as safe and effective, and much more fashionable than the wristbands.

Do Queasy Beads acupressure bracelets really work for nausea relief? Yes, they do.

If you are pregnant and looking for pregnancy nausea relief, Queasy Beads are the perfect morning sickness bracelets. Many expectant moms are wearing them for pregnancy morning sickness relief. These morning sickness bracelets are helping moms-to-be feel better! As one happy customer said, Queasy Beads "worked like a charm for my morning sickness!"

If you suffer from migraine headaches, Queasy Beads acupressure bracelets are a natural remedy for migraine nausea relief. They are safe, drug-free and fashionable bracelets that can help calm your migraine nausea.

For nausea associated with medication side effects and medical therapies such as radiation and chemotherapy, these stylish nausea relief bracelets can give you the benefits of acupressure wristbands without looking like typical acupressure wristbands.

Queasy Beads are a natural remedy for nausea relief and can relieve your nausea symptoms safely, effectively, and more fashionably than other travel sickness bands and motion sickness acupressure wristbands.

Queasy Beads are more fashionable than other nausea bands

Queasy Beads ~ A Natural Motion Sickness Remedy

Wear as stylish travel sickness bands for motion sickness in place of carsickness bands If you like to travel but suffer from motion sickness and don't like taking anti-nausea medications, Queasy Beads are the perfect travel sickness remedy for you. Whether you suffer from carsickness, seasickness, airsickness, all motion sickness or vertigo, these bracelets work like anti-nausea bands and are the perfect traveling companion! Not only are they fashionable travel sickness bracelets to wear, they are fashionable bracelets that can help you feel better so you can enjoy your trip!

In fact, In June 2012, Queasy Beads were voted one of the Top 5 Travel Accessories by Travel Specialists Florida Holidays

Stylish travel sickness bands for motion sickness, seasickness and more

Queasy Beads ~ Stylish Motion Sickness & Nausea Relief Bracelets

Queasy Beads travel sickness bracelets receive 5 star ratings on Etsy! "I have always had a problem with travel sickness. With these lovely looking beads I am now able to read while travelling in a car and I am now looking forward to my cruise. These beads are a brilliant, fantastic looking idea. I recommend them to everyone."