Stylish Nausea Relief Motion Sickness Wristbands
Queasy Beads ~ for Stylish Motion Sickness & Nausea Relief 
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Queasy Beads ~ A Natural and Fashionable Nausea Remedy

Queasy Beads replace anti-nausea wristbands for stylish nausea relief Queasy Beads work naturally and quickly to help relieve your motion sickness (carsickness, airsickness, and seasickness), pregnancy morning sickness, migraine headache nausea, vertigo, anxiety nausea,
chemotherapy nausea, radiation therapy nausea and more.

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Queasy Beads are safe & effective, and much more fashionable than other anti-nausea wristbands. Every pair is personalized to fit your wrists and their unique design gives you real results.

As a matter of fact, Queasy Beads are featured on celebrity Giuliana Rancic's website in a functional jewelry slideshow as "pretty but oh-so-functional" bracelets!
If you experience pregnancy morning sickness, Queasy Beads have been proven to work as the perfect morning sickness bracelets. Many expectant moms tell us that wearing Queasy Beads as a natural remedy for their morning sickness nausea really helps. Queasy Beads bracelets are helping moms-to-be feel better! As one particular expectant mom told us, Queasy Beads "worked like a charm for my morning sickness!"
If you suffer from carsickness, seasickness, airsickness, or any other form of motion sickness, Queasy Beads are an effective motion sickness remedy. People with travel sickness nausea tell us that traveling is now more enjoyable when they wear Queasy Beads!

In fact, we are happy to say that in June 2012, Queasy Beads were voted one of the Top 5 Travel Accessories by Travel Specialists Florida Holidays

If you experience migraine headache nausea, Queasy Beads are safe, drug-free acupressure bracelets that look great and have proven time and again to help calm migraine nausea. Many migraine sufferers wear Queasy Beads to help keep their migraine nausea under control.

If you suffer from medication side effect nausea, or are dealing with radiation nausea or chemotherapy nausea, Queasy Beads stylish nausea relief bracelets can take the edge off your nausea without looking like unattractive anti-nausea bands.

~ Calm your queasy stomach in style with Queasy Beads ~