Acupressure bracelets for migraine headache nausea relief and vertigo relief wristbands from Queasy Beads
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What are Queasy Beads?

My Story

Queasy Beads help with your queasy stomach when you travel
I created Queasy Beads over 15 years ago after wearing acupressure wristbands for my migraine headache and extreme nausea. I researched
natural healing through acupressure* and worked hard to design a pretty pair of acupressure bracelets using beads. My beaded bracelets were
just as effective as the grey wristbands so I started wearing them for my motion sickness, as well!

Today, many, many happy customers all over the world are wearing Queasy Beads for their motion sickness, migraine headaches, pregnancy
morning sickness, vertigo, and so much more. It continues to be my pleasure to design Queasy Beads for anyone looking for a stylish alternative
to acupressure wristbands. It warms my heart to know that so many people are finding relief wearing Queasy Beads.

*acupressure involves applying light pressure to specific points on the body to control symptoms of pain or nausea



I recently found out the April 17, 2017 issue of Woman's World magazine has included a feature on Queasy Beads! I had no idea they were
going to do this and I am absolutely thrilled! What an honor it is to have my product recognized by such a popular and trendy magazine! ❤