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Queasy Beads to the Rescue!  Photo courtesy of EnergyFitGirl ~ Read her testimonial below! What are Queasy Beads?

Queasy Beads are stylish nausea relief bracelets specifically designed as a fashionable alternative to acupressure motion sickness wristbands.

Queasy Beads have been proven to be safe and effective. They work naturally and quickly to help relieve your nausea from:

  • Pregnancy Morning Sickness
  • Motion Sickness
  • Carsickness
  • Seasickness
  • Airsickness
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Medications
  • Vertigo, Anxiety, and more...

    Queasy Beads work by applying light pressure to the P-6 acupressure points on our inner wrists. When light pressure is applied to these points, certain neurotransmitters in the brain are released naturally, blocking the chemicals responsible for the feeling of nausea.


    Do you suffer from these symptoms?

    If you suffer from queasy stomach, carsickness, seasickness, travel sickness and/or airsickness, wearing Queasy Beads can definitely help you feel better. In fact, they are such a safe and effective motion sickness remedy that people with travel sickness nausea tell us traveling is now more enjoyable when they wear their Queasy Beads!

    "I just want to let you know that we went on our cruise and the beads seemed to work great! I typically get quite nauseous while at sea, but did not at all this time around. In fact, I'm still feeling some slight "land sickness" and have been wearing them to ease my stomach."

    If you experience pregnancy morning sickness nausea, Queasy Beads work as extremely effective morning sickness bracelets. Many expectant moms tell us that wearing Queasy Beads as a natural remedy for their morning sickness helps them tremendously. Queasy Beads bracelets are working to help moms-to-be feel better! As one happy expectant mom told us, Queasy Beads "worked like a charm for my morning sickness!"
    Queasy Beads work great to pregnancy morning sickness nausea
    If you experience migraine headaches, Queasy Beads can help calm your migraine nausea. Many migraine sufferers wear Queasy Beads bracelets to help keep their migraine nausea under control.

    If you suffer from medication side effects, or are dealing with radiation or chemotherapy nausea, Queasy Beads stylish nausea relief bracelets can help take the edge off your nausea without looking like unattractive anti-nausea bands.


    What makes Queasy Beads different?

    Queasy Beads are safe and effective, and much more fashionable than other motion sickness wristbands. Unlike other anti-nausea bands, every pair of Queasy Beads is custom-designed to fit your individual wrists. This unique quality gives you real nausea relief results fast. In fact, people who wear Queasy Beads feel relief of their queasy stomach and nausea symptoms within minutes after putting on their Queasy Beads bracelets.

    In addition to being custom-designed for a personalized fit, Queasy Beads nausea relief bracelets are fashionable accessories. With over 45 different color design styles to choose from, Queasy Beads will easily coordinate with any outfit in your wardrobe! As shown here, wearing Queasy Beads will not interfere with other bracelets or your watch.

    One cruiser recently told us, "Got this just before going on a 7-day cruise and wore it all the time! Looks like jewelry and works like a charm."
    Queasy Beads are so beautiful they can be worn on your wedding day! Queasy Beads motion sickness bracelets are so stylish they can be worn with any outfit! Queasy Beads can be custom color designed for your special occasion!
    We are very proud to say that Queasy Beads are featured on celebrity Giuliana Rancic's website in a functional jewelry slideshow where she calls Queasy Beads "pretty but oh-so-functional" bracelets!

    Customer Reviews and Testimonials

    LATEST QUEASY BEADS TESTIMONIALS: "They work great, I love them!"

    "I was skeptical, but they really work! Great quality as well...I would highly recommend to anyone!"

    "I just can't say enough. They are even more beautiful in person and worked so well. We hit some rocky waters and I didn't get sick once on my cruise or after."

    "I ordered them for an upcoming cruise....they are beautiful and I would highly recommend ordering Queasy Beads!"

    Queasy Beads acupressure bracelets really work: "...the Queasy Beads worked GREAT....thanks for creating this beautiful AND effective product!!!"

    "Not only are these a fashionable accessory, they work! I used these beads for morning sickness and they have worked so unbelievably well! Definitely well worth the money!"

    Queasy Beads for migraine headache nausea and more: "I am a long time migraine sufferer and I also get frequent motion sickness when driving in a car. One morning I woke up with a terrible migraine and I was nauseous. I quickly put on the Queasy Beads and within 5 to 10 minutes the nausea was gone. I also had some motion sickness while I was a passenger in a car. I quickly put my Queasy Beads on and within minutes the sick feeling was gone. The Queasy Beads look like regular bracelets and are very fashionable. I was very pleased with the results of my Queasy Beads!"

    Seasickness bracelets that really work: "I wore my new Queasy Beads since I always feel sick on boats.The boat was rocking so we could barely walk, but I never once felt nauseous! I am a true believer in Queasy Beads!"

    "I got them for my upcoming cruise... the last 2 I've been a little seasick during dinner, and I didn't want to risk that this year. I usually wear those dorky bands they sell (out of desperation!) but I felt so stupid in my formal wear and wearing them last year. So this year, I'll be cruising with my Queasy Beads, and even on the formal night, I won't look so stupid while I fight seasickness! :D"

    "I am just writing to tell you that I think your Queasy Beads are GREAT! I just got back from a 7 night cruise in the Southern Caribbean. I wore my beads from the time I got on the ship until I got off. Never once did I experience any sense of motion sickness or nausea. I even wore them on a small boat for a snorkeling adventure (the last time I did this, I was vomiting overboard and couldn't move). I had no problem and I found myself thoroughly enjoying the ride. On top of that, I think they are great looking, too."
    Thanks for a fantastic product! "I will recommend you to anyone I know who is planning a cruise or suffers with nausea. :)"

    Queasy Beads acupressure bracelets for vertigo: "I purchased a set of the bead bracelets for my husband because he suffers from vertigo. I was skeptical at first because he has suffered for years and has tried every med and remedy that's out there! But he says the beads work!! He wears them daily and he has not once had an attack from vertigo. Thank you Queasy Beads...a product that works and is worth the money!!"

    Queasy Beads to the Rescue! EnergyFitGirl shares her personal story: "My family and I were scheduled to go on a small boat to scatter my Dad's ashes down in San Pedro, California. Knowing this in advance, I ordered some Queasy Beads for myself and a couple of family members. I received my order, very quickly and the beads were gorgeous! We all put them on before the cruise, not knowing what would happen. Let me tell you, the water was very choppy especially when the boat stopped in the ocean to scatter the ashes. The boat was ROCKING! Guess what? It appeared that not one of us got sick or queasy. Amazing!"

    Queasy Beads bracelets for pregnancy morning sickness relief: "Queasy Beads have been amazing! I used to use those ones from CVS (the ugly black ones) and they were so awful! I would not wear them as much as I needed to. But Queasy Beads are so stylish I can wear them everywhere! Everyone is always asking me about my cute bracelets! I would definitely recommend them to any new mom-to-be!"

    Queasy Beads ~ A fashionable alternative to motion sickness bands: "I put my new Queasy Beads through a work out today. I went back seat passenger up the mountain and back again around some terribly winding roads wearing my Queasy Beads. I even returned some text messages on my phone while driving up the mountain. My beads were my only remedy today. I took no tablets at all and I was not the slightest bit sick. I hate the toweling bands and LOVE my beautiful bracelets. I felt stylish wearing them and I had several comments today about my 'pretty bracelets'. THEY ABSOLUTELY WORK AND QUEASY BEADS ARE GORGEOUS!!!"

    In 2012, we did an interview with the Travel Shop Girl. To read the question and answer session with the owner of Queasy Beads

    Travel Shop Girl wearing Queasy Beads in Mocha Calm your seasickness with Queasy Beads nausea relief bracelets Queasy Beads are stylish motion sickness bands for men, too!

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