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"White Dazzle"

A rich, dazzling combination of pearly white glass beads and shiny, high quality, lead-free and tarnish resistant sterling silver beads (Swarovski Crystal Pearls are available as an upgrade!) A beautiful pair of nausea relief bracelets in rich, pearly white with a dazzling sterling silver sparkle

Queasy Beads are a fashionable alternative to acupressure wristbands and have been proven to work naturally, safely and effectively in relieving nausea symptoms.

"I always have to wear sea bracelets when I'm on a boat. The ones they sell are an ugly blue terry cloth so thank god for these bracelets."

"Amazing and stylish! I have been wearing them since I got them and no nausea!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!"

"I have always had a problem with travel sickness. With these lovely looking beads I am now able to read while traveling in a car...now looking forward to my cruise...I recommend them to everyone!"

Every order is designed and shipped within 2 business days from date of purchase.

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White Dazzle
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Naturally Nautical I

It's easy to measure your wrists for Queasy Beads!

Queasy Beads are custom-designed to your wrist measurements.
For best results, measure both your wrists for your Queasy Beads.
Queasy Beads are specifically designed to help relieve symptoms of stomach queasiness and nausea by applying light pressure to the P-6 acupressure points on your wrists. These acupressure points are located 3 finger-widths down on your inner wrists, under where your index finger rests (as shown here).
With palm facing up, gently wrap a flexible measuring tape around your wrist at the point 3 finger-widths down from your palm on your inner wrist as shown in photo. Don't pull the measuring tape too tight, just wrap it around itself until it reaches "0" on the end of the tape. This is your wrist size for Queasy Beads. Please measure both wrists.

If you don't have a flexible measuring tape, a strip of paper or a sturdy string can be used instead. When using a strip of paper or sturdy string, gently wrap it around your wrist (as explained above). Then make a mark and measure the length you marked with a regular, straight ruler.

Queasy Beads are designed to fit comfortably snug. If your wrist measurement falls between a size listed in the size selections, it is best to choose the next available size. If necessary, and for clarification of your exact size(s), please include a note with your order.

If you have any questions or need further assistance measuring your wrists, please don't hesitate to call/text us at (315) 352-0512 or email us at sales@queasybeads.com