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Stylish Motion Sickness Nausea Wristbands
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Natural, safe and effective
nausea relief bracelets
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  • Majestic Mocha
  • Copper Delight
  • Black Onyx Midnight Matte
  • EXCLUSIVE! Radiant Rose Gold

Queasy Beads work on our P6 acupressure points

Queasy Beads are stylish acupressure bead bracelets specifically designed to work by applying light pressure to the P6 acupressure points on our inner wrists.

Every bracelet is individually handcrafted and custom designed for a perfect fit.

Queasy Beads are a fashionable alternative to motion sickness nausea wristbands

What makes them different?

My Story

Carol Allison Dombrowsky - Owner/Designer