High Quality Stylish Motion Sickness Bracelets for Nausea Relief
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Welcome to Queasy Beads!
High quality, stylish and effective
bracelets for relief from nausea, anxiety,
motion sickness, morning sickness & more

  • Sterling Silver Brilliance
  • Black Beauty with lava stones
  • Magnetic Hematite Sheer Magnetism
  • Soft Metallic Bronze

What are Queasy Beads?

Queasy Beads are high quality nausea relief bracelets individually handcrafted and specifically custom-designed to fit you comfortably and to work effectively by applying light pressure to the P6 acupressure points on our inner wrists.

Every pair is individually custom-designed using high quality materials, including specialized elastic cording that will not stretch out of shape. This unique quality gives you natural nausea relief results that last.

Queasy Beads have been proven to work safely and effectively within 10-15 minutes to relieve nausea or can be worn ahead of time to prevent nausea from:

Why choose Queasy Beads?

Queasy Beads have become known worldwide as high quality, fashionable motion sickness bracelets for nausea relief. They are the stylish alternative to motion sickness wristbands.

We use only high quality materials, including elastic cording that does not stretch out of shape, beautiful glass beads, genuine gemstones, health and healing stones, copper, sterling silver, gold and rose gold, faceted crystals, cat's eye gemstones and more.

Is your look casual or glamourous? Shop our collections and find the color design styles that fit your individual lifestyle and that work just for you. We strive to design patterns that can be worn with any outfit in your wardrobe!

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